Art marbella 2021

During the international art fair, Art Marbella 2021, Anita Style presented exclusively her work called Vivianne. Un interactive performance composed by a static model, fashion and Art, with the purpose to challenge the limits of reality.

Vivianne is innocence and power; light and shadows; emotions and reality; the dualities a woman's soul hides that only her most sincere consciousness finds. It is the past without which there is no future.

Modern & Contemporary Art Show 2020

During the Modern & Contemporary Art Show 2020, Anita Style presented her work "My Lonely Nights in Marbella". It is marked by her biggest signature: the fusion of Art and Fashion. The garment reflecting the painting and the painting reflecting the garment, merge in a dance of beauty, elegance and harmony. A harmony which was perfected by the performance of a static model.


Meet our collection of protective face masks.  

Each of them features an elaborate, exclusive and unique design inspired by Anita Style's aesthetic roots. All models are limited edition or single unit. Their hand-crafted finish ensures quality and comfort to perfection.

In addition to their elaborate image, Anita Style masks also offer the maximum guarantees in terms of effectiveness, protection and comfort against the VID-19 virus and other daily pathogens.  

The article consists of the following construction based on three layers: 

1. Outer fabric of various types.

2. 100% polypropylene TNT (filter). Water repellent. Resistant to high and low temperatures, microparticles and dust. Non-abrasive to the touch.nte al agua. Resistente a temperaturas altas y bajas, micropartículas y polvo. No abrasivo al tacto.

3. 100% cotton lining.

Complying with all the requirements of the Spanish Health Service and the World Health Organization, each TNT 100% polypropylene filter cam mask is permanently incorporated and should not be removed. It is suitable for a minimum of 45 washings. TNT 100% polypropylene is a biocompatible and filtering material. That is, it is skin-friendly and makes it difficult for particles, liquids and aerosols to pass through. It is waterproof and breathable.

The method of washing and reuse varies according to the mask model. As a basis, according to the regulations on washing methods for reusable masks of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, each mask must be washed with a disinfectant with approved virucidal activity, in aerosol form or by dissolving the water. The list of approved disinfectants is as follows:

After making the application according to the manufacturer, let it act 30 minutes and proceed to the washing.

WARNING: Do not use bleach, or immerse the item in water hotter than 40 degrees.

The washing process varies according to the mask model:

  • * The 100% cotton masks can be machine washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees.
  • * All other models, should be hand washed with hot water and soap or hand wash detergent. Do not use water hotter than 40 degrees.

After washing, DO NOT tumble dry, as this damages the filter properties. Let it dry in the air. Once dry, iron the mask inside using steam. This helps to maximize disinfection.

Now take a look at our extensive catalogue of models and choose your favourite mask!